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Our Mission
Journaled.com supplies the technical people that create our film, video and stagecraft a place to communicate. Here, filmmakers are the mainstay of our design, however, stage people and playwrights can also make their presence known and felt and are also welcome.

Journaled.com supplies our visitors and members with what we call "The Pubs", forums for discussions on all things Cinema, Film Production, as well as, for Martial Artists and Stunt Technicians in Film. Sometimes, these areas are good for simply blowing off steam. Stop by often to offer your opinions and comments.

From Stage to...
When considering that many stage plays and people are eventually made into films or involved in the film industry; that many involved with the stage migrate openly back and forth between the two mediums, there would be little purpose in our making a differentiation.

Whenever we refer to Filmmakers, we are generally referring to the producers, directors, screenwriters, crewmembers, stuntpeople, etc. that make up this entire field of endeavor. It is our purpose to aid them in fulfilling their special requirements in this unique industry, by allowing them interaction with others in like, as well as, symbiotic fields.

By reading and posting comments by others in the industry here in Journaled.com, we hope to offer you a medium to share your thoughts and experiences with others who are seaching for quality and expertise in the realm of film and stagecraft. We also offer indispensable connections via weblinks to like-oriented and peripheral sites. Sites such as: Editor's Net, My Entertainment World, The Greenlighter Zone and Creative Script Services (for the writers). Many more links such as these are available in our WebLinks areas.


From the orientation of the Producers, Directors, and Writers, to the crewpeople in general, including the acquisition of funds to support these projects, we are perhaps the only site in the world with this specific type of orientation. We care about the process and needs of the film production crew. The only people not directly supported here, are the actors. We believe there are already plenty of websites for working actors; such as, Acting Workshop On-Line (AWOL) or, Acting World, and for the handlers of animal actors, the people who directly support training and care of a production's animal actors.


We are here to support you, the film crew, so we hope you will want to help support us. If you appreciate what we are trying very hard to accomplish, as many have already, then please help us to grow. You can show your support of our efforts, by merely telling others about us. You can also help by purchasing items through our eStore area, where you can find suggested books, software and more as we grow. A portion of those purchases will revert back to us from Associates of ours like Amazon.com and Drugstore.com.

Final Comments
Thank you for your continued interest and support. If there is anything we can add to our site in order to support our target audience, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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