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Welcome Filmmakers & others.

This website is dedicated to supplying the technical people that create our film, video and stagecraft a place to communicate. Here filmmakers and their associated partners (crewmembers, stuntpeople, etc.) can consider how best to fulfill their special requirements in this unique industry by interacting with others in their fields and reading comments by those they work with in other areas of filmmaking. We offer connections via weblinks to like oriented and peripheral sites, as well as forums for discussion and sometimes, simply blowing off steam.

From the Producers, Directors, and Writers, to the crewpeople in general, and the acquisition of funds to support these projects, we are perhaps the only site in the world with this orientation. The only people we don't directly support here, are the actors. We believe that there are already plenty of websites for working actors, such as Acting Workshop On-Line (AWOL) or, Acting World. We also have an area for animal handlers, people who do directly support animal actors.

So help us grow, support in our efforts to support you the filmmakers, by telling others about us. Currently, we are looking for the right corporate (or other) sponsors, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

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