Cynthia Rothrock

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Cynthia Rothrock holds black belts in Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, and holds instructor-level rank in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Eagle Claw Kung Fu, and Wushu. Rothrock was also the World Forms Champion in 1981-1985.

In 1982, Cynthia Rothrock was the World Weapon's champion in the men's division. Cynthia Rothrock's acting debut was a Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial.

Cynthia Rothrock took her martial arts training to Hong Kong to continue a career as an actress and stuntwoman.

Her movies include:

  • Rage and Honor
  • Lady Dragon
  • Guardian Angel
  • Irresistible Force
  • Angel of Fury
  • Fast Getaway
  • Sworn to Justice
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