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Webmaster <> -- 09/12/01 -- 06:09:35
Hello...I do hope all are well and safe and away from this madness, this attack on the United States, as I hope all are who join us on our website here. I wish all well today the day after the declaration of war on the United States by this childish group as yet suspected yet largely unknown. I will skip political statement and say that at times, evil lives in the form of righteousness. The ends does not always and should not always guide the means. I do hope this leads a way to peace, one way or another. Fly safely, live wisely. Peacet. Webmaster
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Tonya <Resseldaisy@AOL.COM> -- 07/18/01 -- 21:46:27
Daniel Maggio <> -- 06/17/01 -- 23:27:06
Good likeness-nice site-Are you familiar with the movie "Nomads"?Very Professional - please contact my agent. -Dan
John Allen <> -- 06/12/01 -- 21:40:25
Excellent site...but there's no way I can cover it in one sitting.
Bill Thomas <> -- 06/08/01 -- 05:05:30
Just surfed in. Bill THomas
Mark Baranowski <> -- 02/09/01 -- 16:08:07
Hello, Gordon! Thanks so much for visiting my site...Hope you enjoyed it! Keep in touch; we writers need to stick together! Talk to you soon!
Robin L. Young <newts2u@pioneer-net> -- 11/21/00 -- 19:16:22
Really, GREAT site ! VERY well laid out. Glad to have FINALLY gotten one of the beasts, so that I could find your writting on-line. Good to see that you are still keeping busy, doing the things that you love to do.... THANK YOU for being on line !!! As Ever, -Robin-
Jessica <> -- 11/16/00 -- 06:40:34
I like the site. I really liked the libary part Im going to look some of them up THANKS
Archi Mahvashi <> -- 10/19/00 -- 16:51:23
Hello, You have a really really nice site. We are doing martial arts stunt in philippines. Good luck........
John Allen -- <>
Humble, Tx USA -- 10/12/99 -- 18:42:08
How am I ever going to get through all of this? At least you've organized everything well here also! Usually I find that I last about ten minutes on one page or I will spend half an evening. I love being able to understand the theme early...which is probably not the case when you visited my site LOL! I want you to know that this is more than "returning a favor". I think you've put things together well here.

John Bone -- <>
Seattle, WA USA -- 05/12/99 -- 15:40:35
Alright I found it. Great work!

James Davis -->
Seattle, WA USA -- 11/10/98 -- 21:12:12
Will go through your site this weekend. I am a Seattle DP, Digital Video Editor and Sound Post Mixer always looking for indies and low-budget projects to have fun with. I'll let you know what I find useful. Thanks.

Mark Stephens -- <>
Tacoma, Wa. U.S.of A. -- 03/21/98 -- 17:36:21
Hi! Hey I made it here. Got your e-mails of 3-21-98. Talked to Kevo a couple of days ago. He's moved to London as of 3-17-98. I went through Lycos and got on. Pretty cool stuff. Don't forget Oscars are on Monday. See ya, MarkyMark AKA FRASERCRANE on eBay :-)
It WAS even A rock, and if not, were A ROCK _ART.!-
Michael B. Farbish -- <>
Stamford, Connecticut USA -- 12/14/97 -- 18:23:06

We have revamped this site and now are accepting new members and information! Stop by regularly for technical info in the film world! Help always welcome. You can help make this a great website.
Webmaster -- <>
Seattle, WA USA -- 12/14/97 -- 17:20:00

Great web site. It's always great to know you have a place to start when looking for an answer to the question..... Can I really pull this off.
Alyn Gamal <>
Dover, NJ USA - Friday, April 04, 1997 at 22:48:36 (MST)
You have a nice page. I have enjoyed my visit very much. -- Mani
Mani Syed <>
Toronto, ON Canada - Sunday, February 09, 1997 at 08:55:48 (MST)
Great web site!!!!! This site is an excellent resource.
a friend
UK - Tuesday, February 04, 1997 at 08:42:47 (MST)
Make my day, punk!!!
Per Lantz <>
Kristianstad, Sweden - Tuesday, January 14, 1997 at 06:28:57 (MST)
If a book contract includes a financial penalty for late performance by the author (as many do) it's only logical that there should be a similar penalty for late payment by the publisher. The same goes for clauses that state that the author has only a certain number of days to sign. They're inordinately fond of that silly phrase "Time is of the essence" aren't they? Apparently it only works in one direction. Real translation: You sweat blood to get your chapters written to our impossible schedule. We'll take all the time we like to write the checks. Why can't literary agents do anything about this?
Stu Harris <>
San Diego, CA USA - Thursday, January 02, 1997 at 11:28:32 (MST)
Being linked was her main concern. Staying in touch was her second. She didn't have a third. But, she knew she could. "How many times do you want me to communicate?" After all, she knew it was the quality not quanity. "Enough said," she thought. The telephone chimming was good timing. Picking it up, "Hello?"
Kenna McHugh <>
Sacramento, CA USA - Thursday, December 26, 1996 at 08:56:03 (MST)
If someone would ever let this guy (that is, the Webmaster, Gordon Hayes) spend some time actually writing (I know, he IS working on the Euphoria project for Scorpio Pictures), and not have to worry about Computers and the Daily Problems of Life, I believe he would be a Great Writer! Over the years, I've read some of his stuff and some years ago, we took the very entertaining and instructive (reknowned Director) Stanley Kramer Film Production series of seminars, together. Hang in there and keep up the good work!
Joe Wilson <70633.3103@CompuServe.COM >
Richardson (Dallas), TX, USA - Friday, November 01, 1996 at 21:51:34 (MST)
Just checking it out. This screenwriter needs all the contacts he can set his eyeballs out. Now it's your turn. Check me out at above URL.
Michael C. McPherson <>
Fort McMurray, AB Canada - Tuesday, October 01, 1996 at 11:54:32 (MDT)
Nice web site. I'll be back, I'm sure!
J. Hammond <>
Las Vegas, NV USA - Friday, August 23, 1996 at 01:48:31 (MDT)
Chris Readle <;>
Cincinnati, OH USA - Thursday, June 20, 1996 at 16:53:50 (MDT)
Just dropped in to take a look around.
Elbert Hannah <>
Redmond, WA USA - Tuesday, June 18, 1996 at 13:11:12 (MDT)
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Best of luck.

Carin Hayes <>
Covington, WA USA - Guestbook
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